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South Downs Flint produce a range of handmade block products, including knapped and unknapped flint blocks and pebble blocks.

Flint and pebble block products

All blocks are handmade and available as full blocks, halves, quarters and three quarters.
They measure approximately 440mm x 215mm and weigh the same as a standard concrete block – 19kg.

The blocks have been tested in accordance with British Standards EN 12390-1:2000 and have a compressive strength of over 10 Newtons/mm³. To view the British Standards certificate, click here.

Premium coursed mixed block
Smaller flint is placed closer together to produce a premium block.
products_clip_image001 Pebble and flint block
Block made using a mixture of pebbles and flint.
Mixed Randomly laid flint block
A block using field flint from the South Downs, and our most popular product.
 knapped and unknapped flint block Pebble block
Pebbles laid randomly or coursed set in a concrete block.
Mixed coursed flint block
A combination of knapped and unknapped flint.
products_clip_image003_0001 Knapped randomly laid flint block
Randomly laid all snapped flint from the South Downs.
 Randomly placed flint blocks